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Webinar: What unions need to know about criminal law


In this webinar, we looked at what unions need to know about criminal law so they can assist members who are or may be facing criminal proceedings.

Kelly Doctor moderated a webinar this morning on what union representatives need to know about criminal law.

Vanora Simpson started by giving participants an outline of how the criminal process works.

Adriel Weaver then reviewed how the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms structures the criminal law process.

Adriel, Vanora and Dan Sheppard then reviewed the primary Charter rights that apply as individuals move through the criminal justice system.

Dan, Adriel and Vanora then led participants through the entire process of a criminal prosecution, from charges being laid to a decision being rendered. They explained how the Charter rights might apply in particular situations and looked at possible workplace implications at each stage.

The PowerPoint for this webinar is here.