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Daniel Sheppard

Daniel Sheppard



Daniel Sheppard relishes grappling with the most tangled, complex, obscure and unusual of legal problems.  He works with individuals, community organizations, and unions who need his help to protect and advance their rights.

As a member of the firm’s research group, Dan conducts legal research and provides clear advice and solid opinions when called upon to assist other lawyers in the firm. As a litigator, he takes on cases before tribunals, trial courts, and appellate courts, up to the Supreme Court of Canada and beyond. Dan is one of the relatively few Canadian lawyers who have acted in cases at the European Court of Human Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and is regularly retained by public interest organizations to intervene in constitutional cases.

Dan’s cases frequently have public law and constitutional dimensions.  He is driven to use his skills to advance the cause of social justice. Individual clients facing criminal law problems, advocacy groups seeking progressive social reform through litigation, and public bodies seeking to further their public interest mandates have equally benefited from Dan’s dedication to their causes.

Students at Osgoode Hall Law School benefit from Dan’s breadth of practical experience and theoretical insights as a social impact litigator through the Test Case Litigation Program, which he directs as an adjunct professor. He also teaches oral and written advocacy skills as the coach of one of Osgoode’s mooting teams.

When he’s not wielding these legal weapons, it’s his spatula, whisk, and French mandolin you should watch out for.  Dan is a gifted and inventive cook and loves to prepare elaborate meals for guests.

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