Our Research Group

Goldblatt Partners is renowned for its success in advancing the law for the benefit of our clients and the broader public interest. Our research lawyers have contributed to these successes and play an integral role in client service.

Effective legal representation depends upon solid legal research and critical thinking. We have always ensured that our team includes research lawyers who are dedicated to supporting and enhancing the work of our litigators. We currently have five lawyers dedicated exclusively to research and litigation support – a large group compared to other firms of our size.

Photo of two lawyers working together in the library.Our researchers work closely with other lawyers, helping to develop innovative strategies and novel legal arguments. They draft many of the high quality briefs, facta and submissions that our litigators use in their appearances before tribunals and courts. They also develop and maintain our collection of print and online resources.

Our research lawyers also help fulfil our commitment to client legal education. Members of the research department regularly produce legal analyses of legislative and jurisprudential developments, arming our clients with the tools to respond effectively to changes in the law. In addition, our research lawyers play a critical role in preparing materials for client seminars and workshops.

Ethan Poskanzer, Vanessa Payne, Charlene Wiseman, Nadine Blum and Daniel Sheppard.