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Class action commenced against Avon Canada Inc.

December 19, 2019

Goldblatt Partners LLP has commenced a class action on behalf of retirees of Avon Canada Inc. for terminating the post-retirement benefits they earned over years of employment.

Avon Canada Inc. announced that, effective January 1, 2020, it will cease to provide its retirees with post-retirement benefits. These benefits consist of extended medical coverage and a death benefit. Avon promised employees over several decades that they would receive these post-retirement benefits. The promise was made through written employee booklets, forms and letters.

The retirees of Avon were dedicated employees who worked for years to earn their post-retirement benefits and who relied on the promise that the benefits would be available in retirement. The class action seeks reinstatement of the benefits or damages if the benefits are not reinstated. The class consists of approximately 600 retirees of Avon Canada Inc.

GP’s Jody Brown stated:

The retirees in this class action gave their best employment years to Avon on the explicit promise that Avon would provide post-retirement benefits. The class members are elderly, on fixed incomes, and particularly vulnerable to Avon’s conduct. This class action will ensure that promises made in exchange for class members’ years of loyal employment cannot be tossed aside because those employees are now retired.

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Charles Sinclair, Jody Brown, Joshua Mandryk

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