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Pension & Benefits Law

Goldblatt Partners’ pension lawyers provide advice and representation on all pension and benefits issues.

We provide advice to trade unions and individuals regarding all aspects of single employer pension plans. This includes benefit entitlements, full and partial windups, insolvencies and surplus applications. We also represent groups of individuals in class action lawsuits involving the pension and benefits rights of employees and retirees.

The trustees of multi-employer pension plans, as well as those of various benefit and welfare plans, rely on us to help them navigate the complicated statutory regimes governing those plans. The law imposes high standards of responsibility on trustees, and we help make sure they meet those standards.

Our pension lawyers have appeared before regulatory tribunals and all levels of the courts in pension matters. They are skilled negotiators, who can often reach fair settlements that avoid the cost of litigation. But when a dispute cannot be resolved, they are second to none in fighting to ensure that employees and retirees are provided with their full pension and benefit entitlements.