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Construction Labour Relations

Unlike employment in most other industries, employment in the construction industry is inherently insecure. The construction industry operates within a system of contractors and subcontractors and employees do not usually maintain a relationship with one employer. Rather, they are dispatched from union hiring halls to jobs that might last for one day, a few days or perhaps several weeks or months. As a result of its unique nature, special rules apply to labour relations in the construction industry.

Our construction labour relations specialists represent construction trade unions in all labour relations matters, including organizing campaigns, certification and termination applications (including during the triennial “raiding season”), unfair labour practices, union mergers, inter-union affairs and grievance arbitration before the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

We also advise and represent construction trade unions in respect to the pension plans and benefit trusts they have established for members, as well as in respect to training and education trusts, market recovery trusts and other types of trusts.