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Daniel Sheppard discusses the constitutional challenge to Bill C-24

September 01, 2015

On August 27th, Chakde TV interviewed Daniel Sheppard about the constitutional challenge brought by the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers against Bill C-24, the so-called Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act.

Bill C-24 became law in late spring, officially creating a two-tier citizenship system. Bill C-24 allows dual citizens and people who have immigrated to Canada to have their citizenship revoked in circumstances in which it could not be taken away from Canadians born in Canada and who do not hold dual citizenship. As the BCCLA has explained, the Harper government has tried to justify Bill C-24 by raising the threat of “jihadi terrorism,” but it could easily be used against non-terrorists—for example, a journalist convicted in another country of terrorism charges for  reporting on human rights violations by the government.

On August 20th, the BCCLA and CARL launched a constitutional challenge to Bill C-24.  In this interview on Chakde TV (or go to the You Tube link here), Daniel explains what the Bill does and set out the basis for the challenge.


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