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‘The situation is dire’: Provinces scramble to provide respite for homeless amid COVID-19

April 26, 2020

CTV News speaks to Jessica Orkin about the Charter challenge against the City

CTV News spoke to Jessica Orkin about the Charter challenge filed against the City of Toronto. The legal action challenges the City’s failure to implement physical distancing and other safety measures in its homeless shelters and respites.  As Jessica explained:

“The city has moved over 700 people out of the shelters and into hotels. That’s about 30 a day and, at this rate, in order to clear out the shelters to a level that is of a basic public health standard we are looking at months and months,” Jessica Orkin, a lawyer representing some of the organizations in the charter challenge, told CTV Toronto.

“We are saying that the courts need to take a look at this, intervene and press the city to allocate all the resources required to make this happen in a rapid and appropriate way.”

Read the entire news report here.

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