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The final episode of Objection! is here

October 16, 2018

When does “not guilty” result in a life sentence?

Photo of Kelly and NadineDid you know that if you are charged with a criminal offense, you have a record even if you are found not guilty? You have a record even when you are accused of a crime but charges are withdrawn before trial.

Employers sometimes rely on these “non-conviction records” to fire an employee or refuse to hire someone. Interactions with the police can follow you for the rest of your life, even though you have never been found guilty of anything.

Objection! logoIn the final episode of their podcast mini-series, Objection!, Nadine and Kelly look at the problem of non-conviction records and how being found “not guilty” or having charges withdrawn before trial can still lead to a life sentence when it comes to your ability to find and maintain employment.

Objection! can be found here or on your favourite podcast platform.


Nadine Blum, Kelly Doctor

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