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Sexual Misconduct in the Military: Emma Phillips talks to Canadaland

May 17, 2021

Canadaland interviews Emma Phillips about the Canadian Armed Forces’ failure to stop sexual misconduct in its ranks

The latest episode of Canadaland: The Podcast looks into the problem of sexual assault and harassment in Canada’s military:

In 1998, several women came forward to Maclean’s magazine about their experiences being raped or sexually harassed in the military. Many years and many victims later, there was finally an investigation which lead to the creation of Operation Honour, which was supposed to address problem. But it didn’t. Now many members of the Canadian military have come forward yet again, and the government has pledged to do another investigation. Reporter Cherise Seucharan looks into why this has been such a problem, and if it will be different this time.

Canadaland interviewed GP’s Emma Phillips for this podcast.  You can listen to it below or wherever you get your podcasts.

Ep. 370 – Why Can’t the Military Stop Sexual Assault? Warning for listeners: The episode contains detailed descriptions of sexual assault.


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