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Ontario’s minimum wage for gig workers faces mounting criticism

April 06, 2022

The Globe and Mail talks to Josh Mandryk about proposed legislation governing gig work

A new report from RidefairTO indicates that Uber and Lyft drivers will earn about $7.20 an hour under the Ford government’s proposed minimum wage legislation for gig workers. The Globe and Mail spoke to Josh Mandryk about the legislation:

Joshua Mandryk, a labour lawyer at Toronto-based Goldblatt Partners LLP, told The Globe that the bill feeds into false narratives that platform-based gig workers are somehow different from other workers in a legally significant way.

Instead of carving out special employment rights in the form of a new bill, Mr. Mandryk argues, the government should instead take steps to “crack down on misclassification” and clarify the employee status of gig workers under the Employment Standards Act.

Read the article here.


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