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Lawyers sound alarm over new law

April 17, 2019

Ford government plans to introduce new law to insulate itself from lawsuits

Of the many awful and regressive things in the Ford government’s omnibus budget bill is a plan to amend the Proceedings Against the Crown Act to limit the circumstances in which it can be challenged or sued in court. Among other things, the new law would require someone who wanted to sue the government for decisions made in bad faith or misfeasance to seek a court’s permission before the lawsuit could even be started.

The Globe and Mail spoke to Louis Century in its coverage of the story:

“The proposed law would create numerous additional hurdles to misfeasance claims that will be virtually insurmountable for many plaintiffs harmed by government bad faith,” said Louis Century, a civil litigator with Goldblatt Partners.

Louis had expressed his concern about the proposed new law in a series of tweets, explaining what misfeasance is and why this is a terrible development for access to justice in Ontario.  Read the thread by clicking on the image below.


Read the Globe & Mail article here.


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