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Emma Phillips on the plan for civilian oversight of the RCMP

January 17, 2019

The National talks to Emma Phillips about plans for civilian oversight of the RCMP

Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, has announced the creation of a 13-person civilian board to “strengthen oversight of RCMP management and improve how the force handles harassment and bullying.”  The RCMP has never before been subjected to civilian oversight. Calls for some form of civilian oversight have been made for a number of years, including by the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission in 2017 which was critical of the RCMP’s own efforts to address issues of harassment.

While this is a significant development, there are some concerns as to how the board will function. As Emma told The National, the new board will play only an advisory role, and it is not clear what will happen if RCMP management does not accept the board’s recommendations.

The story starts at 16:12


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