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Emma Phillips discusses allegations of child sexual abuse by UN peacekeeping troops

February 26, 2016

Emma Phillips follows up on the report of the independent panel that examined allegations of child sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers.

In December 2015, an independent review panel reported on its examination of the UN’s response to allegations that international  troops serving in a peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic had sexually abused young children in exchange for food or money. The panel, chaired by retired Canadian Supreme Court judge Marie Deschamps, concluded that the manner in which the UN responded to the allegations amounted to a “gross institutional failure”.

Emma Phillips, who acted as counsel to the independent panel, recently wrote an opinion piece relating to the report.  Published by the National Post, Emma discusses what must be done to address the many allegations of sexual violence by peacekeepers in the Central African Republic and elsewhere, and the importance of holding peacekeeping troops accountable for their actions.


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