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Emma Phillips comments on armed forces’ report into sexual misconduct

September 02, 2016

CBC interviews Emma Phillips about the Canadian Armed Forces’ second progress report on efforts to combat sexual misconduct in the military

The Canadian Armed Forces has released it second progress report into its new procedures aimed at eradicating sexual assault and harassment in the military. The report indicates that there has been a 20% increase in complaints of sexual offences, but suggests that this is a “positive indicator that military members are more aware of the problem and more confident in stepping forward and reporting incidents.”  The report also revealed that six members of the military have been convicted of sexual misconduct offences since January, and that another 24 armed forces members have been subject to “career-impacting“ discipline.

Chief of Defence Staff General Jonathan Vance and other officials held a news conference in which they addressed some of the report’s findings. CBC interviewed Emma Phillips after the news conference. Emma acted as counsel to the External Review on Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harassment in the Armed Forces, which was led by retired Supreme Court of Canada justice Marie Deschamps.


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