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Kristaq Lala

Kristaq Lala



Kris Lala makes it his mission to help construction industry trade unions establish and enforce collective bargaining rights.

Organizing drives are often complicated. Decisions made during the early stages of an organizing drive can significantly impact its chances of success. Kris uses his knowledge of Ontario Labour Relations Board jurisprudence and rules to guide unions through the certification process, and develop legal strategies to increase the likelihood of certification, minimize the time spent in litigation, and advance the interests of trade unions and their members.

Once certified, Kris helps trade unions enforce their bargaining rights, and protect their members’ job security. Kris is one of the firm’s go-to lawyers for the litigation of unfair labour practices, related employer or sale of a business applications, jurisdictional disputes and construction industry grievances.

Kris also provides strategic advice to unions on important issues of public policy and law reform. Recently, he helped clients participating in a Board policy review to convince the Board to abandon its approach to certification applications in so-called “white areas” in northern Ontario.

Although he was once accused by the Ontario Labour Relations Board of being the Grinch, Kris is proud to be able to fight on behalf of trade unions, and ensure that every Who in Whoville receives their holiday pay.