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Gabriel Hoogers

Gabriel Hoogers



Gabriel Hoogers believes in the power of unions to make workplaces and societies more just, and that all employees deserve a fair shake when it comes to their livelihoods. Gabe was raised in the labour movement, and took to his first picket line from the comfort of a stroller. While his stroller days are behind him, he remains dedicated to supporting unions and workers in their pursuit of workplace justice.

An eclectic range of labour and employment issues have become a part of Gabe’s practice. As a summer and articling student at the firm’s Ottawa office, Gabe worked on grievance arbitrations in both the provincial and federal sectors.  In one of his first cases, Gabe and his beard helped hospital workers to successfully assert their right to sport beards at work. He has also worked with non-unionized employees in unjust dismissal cases, as well as unionized and non-unionized workers as they fight unfair treatment and discrimination at work.

Gabe is particularly proud to work pro bono for workers with disabilities through Reach Canada.

A nerd at heart, Gabe has brought his love of researching and arguing complex issues into the work he does for his clients. He honed his ability to dive into the weeds while studying at McGill’s Faculty of Law, where he devoted much of his time to research in labour and employment law. He was a research assistant with a focus on international labour law, and wrote a number of papers on the impact of the emerging gig economy. Gabe also volunteered at legal clinics including Project Genesis, where he provided legal information in welfare and housing law to residents of the Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood.

Before law school, Gabe was a national and regional representative in the Canadian student movement and president of his student union. He attended the University of King’s College in Halifax. While there, he proudly led a successful boycott in support of a non-unionized worker on campus.

Outside of the office, Gabe enjoys discussing issues like appropriate standards of review with his partner (who is also a nerd). He also likes cycling, rowing and hiking, listening to a multitude of podcasts, and watching action movies with big explosions.