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Erin Moores

Erin Moores



Erin Moores believes everyone should have a life in their workplace that is healthy and dignified. She always wanted to make a difference in the world and, after a conversation with a woman lawyer who told her “People will listen to you if you get a law degree”, she went back to school to study law at McGill University in 2012. As it turns out, people don’t always want to listen to lawyers, but Erin still loves the practice of law as a way to serve others and help positive changes happen in individual workplaces and on a larger scale.

Erin began her career at Goldblatt Partners’ Ottawa office as a summer student, and since then her passion for helping unionized and non-unionized employees fight all manner of problems in their workplaces has only grown. She currently works with many types of public sector workers including federal public servants, hospital workers, teachers, and academic and non-academic university staff.

Erin practices in both English and French, having learned French as an adult through intensive language courses in Chicoutimi and Quebec City and through her bilingual legal education in Montreal. As she helps her clients and grievors understand and move through legal systems that are often unfamiliar and complicated to them, she gives them honest and direct advice to help them make the best decisions about their cases.

Aside from her labour law work, Erin helps regulated professionals protect their careers and hard-won reputations by defending them against complaints at their regulating bodies. Her interest in how workplaces affect our physical and mental health led to her developing a practice in workers’ compensation.

Erin is deeply concerned about protecting and furthering the rights of women and non-binary people in the workplace and has particular interests in pay equity, sexual harassment, and other types of gender-related discrimination.

One of the few things Erin doesn’t like about her job is spending most of her work time indoors in offices, hearing rooms, and windowless hotel conference rooms. When she figures out a way to draft submissions or negotiate settlements from one of the wood-heated huts on the Gatineau Park cross country ski trails, or from the middle of a lake in Algonquin Park, she’ll definitely be letting everyone know!