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Steven Barrett and Simon Archer to participate in Harvard Worklife’s “Clean Slate” project

January 15, 2019

Steven Barrett and Simon Archer will participate in Harvard Worklife’s “Clean Slate” project.

Participants will discuss whether all or some collective bargaining should be moved to the sectoral or industrial level; whether some form of tripartite bargaining should be considered; whether who has the right to organize and bargain collectively should be redefined; how reforms to corporate governance – including support for worker ownership, co-determination and worker representation on corporate boards – could redefine the interests of the parties at the bargaining table; and whether the scope of bargaining subjects, including subjects that lie at the so-called core of entrepreneurial control, should be opened up to bargaining.

When:    Tuesday and Wednesday, January 15 and 16, 2019
Where:   Harvard Law School


Simon Archer, Steven Barrett

Practice Areas

Labour Law, Pension & Benefits Law