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Heather Ann McConnell will moderate a panel on family leave

June 03, 2017

Heather Ann McConnell will moderate a panel on family-related leaves and benefits at the 2017 conference of the Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers.

The panel will look at the limits of legal protections for pre-leave positions, problems that arise from the disconnect between employment insurance benefits and leaves under employment standards legislation, and how unions across the country have worked to find creative solutions to these lingering issues.  It will also look at how family related leave and benefit protections in Canada stack up against international standards, and what to expect at the bargaining table and in litigation with regard to the federal government’s recent changes to the employment insurance regime, including shortening the waiting period and extending parental benefits to 18 months.

When:  Saturday, June 3, 2017
Where:  Hyatt Regency, Montreal
Time:  TBA


Heather Ann McConnell

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Human Rights Law, Labour Law