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Christine Davies looks at how workplace safety & insurance law intersects with other areas of law

May 26, 2015

Christine Davies will address the intersection of workplace safety & insurance law and other related areas of law at the 2015 OBA Workplace Safety and Insurance Law Program, Up Close with the Experts.

Christine’s panel will discuss the overlap and interaction between workplace safety and insurance law and related areas of law including labour law and collective bargaining, employment law, personal injury litigation, and occupational health and safety law. They will also address how to identify and deal with potential ethical issues including, managing your client’s expectations, what to do in a case where the client is able to personally file a WSIB claim without the assistance of a lawyer, and strategies for dealing with disabled or incapacitated clients.

When:   Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Where:  20 Toronto Street, 2nd Floor, Toronto
Time:    3:30-4.30 p.m.


Christine Davies

Practice Areas

Labour Law, Employment Law