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Student federations launch court challenge

May 28, 2019

The Globe and Mail talks to Steven Shrybman about a court challenge to the government’s Student Choice Initiative

Doug Ford thinks student federations get up to “crazy Marxist nonsense” and “so [the government] fixed that.” The initiative will threaten the viability of student unions, campus radio and newspapers as well as services such as food banks.

The Globe and Mail spoke to Steven Shrybman about a court challenge brought by student federations to block the Ford government’s plan to make student fees optional at universities and colleges.

Steven Shrybman, a lawyer at Goldblatt Partners representing the [Canadian Federation of Students], said the Premier’s statement contributes to the impression that this decision was motivated by animus.

“The government’s purpose was to simply stifle dissent and criticism of its policies from an effective advocate that often is at odds with government policies with respect to higher education. That’s why fees for student councils and fees for the CFS were singled out,” he said.

Fees for things such as campus sports and health and safety, for example, have been deemed essential services, exempt from the opt-out. Students will soon begin receiving their tuition and ancillary fee bills for the coming school year, which adds some urgency to the court challenge.

“We need to have the matter determined very quickly by the court,” Mr. Shrybman said.

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