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Steven Barrett joins advisory board of International Lawyers Assisting Workers (ILAW) Network

November 27, 2018

New global network of international union and worker rights lawyers

Steven Barrett is one of 20 lawyers from 20 countries to sit on the Advisory Board of the newly formed International Lawyers Assisting Workers (ILAW) Network.

This new global network of international union and worker rights lawyers will bring together legal practitioners and scholars to exchange ideas and information, strengthening the ability of all members to represent the rights and interests of workers and trade unions.

The Network offers unique opportunities to learn from each other’s experiences and to collaborate and strategize more effectively in all matters pertaining to the protection and expansion of worker rights, including matters that cross national borders.

The first issues that the ILAW will consider are “global supply chain accountability; the fissured employment relationship; migrant worker rights; the informal economy; employment discrimination in all its forms; bargaining with multinational employers; and trade union rights.”

Because this is an international network, members will primarily communicate and exchange information via an online platform. The website will include the following components, in English, Spanish, German, French:

  • An online library for the sharing of relevant materials accessible by subject matter as well as geography;
  • A global directory of members’ contact information and areas of expertise;
  • A network of chatrooms or listservs to facilitate direct communication among members with similar interests or concerns;
  • A news feed site to provide updates on worker rights developments and to announce upcoming events of potential interest;
  • A link to an ILAW Network Twitter feed, a forum for webinars, and other educational opportunities.

Find out more here  or visit the ILAW website.


Steven Barrett

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