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Settlement reached in Alexander pension class action

March 11, 2016

The parties have reached a settlement in the class action Alexander v. Ontario, a class action alleging that the government breached its undertaking to certain employees whose employment was transferred from municipal providers to Community Care Access Centres in or around 1997.

The collective agreements that applied to the affected employees required their membership in the OMERS pension plan. In transferring the employees to the CCACs, the Province failed to make the necessary changes to the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System Act to allow the CCACs to become to belong to the OMERS plan. Consequently, the affected employees were enrolled by their employers in the Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP). The class actions alleged that the employees’ membership in two pension plans will have an adverse financial impact on their pension entitlements.

The parties have reached a settlement and a settlement approval hearing before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has been scheduled for June 24, 2016. For more information about the settlement, and the process going forward, please go to the Alexander v. Ontario class action page.


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