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London Free Press covers Goodlife class-action lawsuit

October 27, 2016

The London Free Press reports on our new class action lawsuit seeking compensation for unpaid wages.

The LFP story, which also discusses recent significant layoffs at Goodlife, notes that the class action asks for $60 million in compensation for current and former GoodLife employees who have worked at Ontario clubs since October 2014. The class action alleges that Goodlife employees were required or permitted to work “many additional unpaid hours beyond those for which they were scheduled . . . to meet their sales targets and complete the duties required of them.”

In the coming months, we will be seeking to have the class action certified so that it can proceed. The LFP talked to Charles Sinclair:

Charles Sinclair, one of the lawyers handling the case, said Ontario law requires employers to record and pay employees for overtime work, even if it was done voluntarily. But in many non-union shops, “there is a culture in place where there’s an expectation they (employees) work extra time for which they don’t get paid.”

Goldblatt Partners has filed similar class-action suits against other large employers, including Scotiabank that settled out of court.

The LFP also notes that personal trainers at Goodlife’s Toronto-area  and Ajax clubs recently voted to join Workers United Canada.

Read the entire article.

Find out more about the Goodlife class action.


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