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Inquest results in 86 recommendations to curb intimate partner violence

June 29, 2022

The Star talks to Kirsten Mercer about the jury’s recommendations in Renfrew County inquest

At the end of a three week inquest into the 2015 murders of three women in Renfrew County, the jury has issued 86 recommendations aiming to address intimate partner violence.  Kirsten Mercer spoke to the media about the recommendations:

The five people who issued 86 recommendations to prevent future intimate partner murders after a three-week landmark inquest into the murders of three women in rural eastern Ontario are “screaming” for change.

“They are screaming on behalf of the families, who we acknowledge, they are screaming on behalf of the women whose voices are lost or silenced by the fear and the violence they live with,” said Kirsten Mercer, who represented End Violence Against Women Renfrew County at the inquest. “They are screaming on behalf of all of us in this province, in this country and in the world when they say intimate partner violence is an epidemic.”

“If somebody like Valerie [Warmerdam, Nathalie Warmerdam’s daughter] can take that anger, that furor, and channel that into a constructive process then I dare our politicians to tell her to keep waiting,” Mercer said. “We are not going to wait forever anymore.”

Read the entire article, which summarized some of the main recommendations, hereMore coverage here and here.

Listen to Kirsten and Jo Brooks talk to CBC’s Ottawa Morning about the recommendations here.


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