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Goldblatt Partners Welcomes Mark Rowlinson

October 26, 2021

Goldblatt Partners is excited to welcome Mark Rowlinson to the firm, starting on November 1st.

Mark joins GP after a 26-year career with one of Canada’s largest private sector trade unions.

Mark has decades of experience in litigating a wide variety of labour law cases before labour boards, arbitrators, and courts across Canada.

As well, Mark brings a particular expertise in international labour and trade law. Mark has litigated a number of labour cases under Canada’s trade agreements, and developed and led union and worker involvement in important trade cases.

Mark also has extensive experience in the areas of climate and environmental work. He was the President of Blue Green Canada, an alliance of Canadian labour unions and environmental organizations for 10 years, and a member of the Federal Government’s Just Transition Task Force in 2018.

In addition, Mark has done important international work in advancing the issue of responsible mining practices. This includes serving on the Board of the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance for 6 years.

Mark will work with other firm members to continue and expand his work in creatively advancing the interests of workers of international law, trade law and labour law. He will also be joining the firm’s public interest litigation team to develop legal strategies in a range of areas including climate change.

Mark will also continue his work on the Board of Blue Green Canada, the Clean Growth Expert Panel of the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices and the Technical Committee of Climate Engagement Canada. He is also a long time member of the Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers.


Mark Rowlinson

Practice Areas

Labour Law, Public Interest Litigation