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The Syrian family we are sponsoring has arrived!

October 18, 2016

Update: October 18, 2016:

We are very happy to report that the Syrian family we are sponsoring has arrived in Toronto safe and sound. Thanks again to everyone for your help in making this happen!

Update:  October 3, 2016:

It has been a long wait, but we are very happy to report that our Syrian family will be arriving in Canada in mid-October. We have worked hard to put support systems in place to help with the transition, and we are very much looking forward to meeting them.  For privacy reasons, we will not be posting specific or personal information about them – but we may post other updates from time to time.

We do wish to thank everyone again for the support you have provided in making this possible.  Thank you!

Update: February 17, 2016:

We are very excited to announce that we have been tentatively matched with a Syrian family!  We now have forms to complete and and an approval process to navigate. Not sure how long it will take, but we are getting close!

Update – October 2015:

Follow our fundraising efforts here.

Update: September 14, 2015: 

We have been blown away by the positive response to our plan to sponsor a refugee family. Other law firms have expressed an interest in doing the same thing and/or providing services to assist in the process.  Our families, friends and colleagues in the legal community have also offered assistance in the form of donations and/or help when a family arrives. We are delighted to see that so many people are willing to do what they can to make a difference for people caught up in this terrible crisis.

After working with the Law Society of Upper Canada to develop a system to accept donations, we are now able to accept donations by cash or cheque, payable to “Goldblatt Partners LLP” (do not add “in trust”). You can send donations to the attention of Steve Camilleri (20 Dundas St. West, Suite 1100, Toronto M5G 2G8).

Please include your name, email and postal address with any payment. While we are still looking into whether this will be possible, we hope to be able to issue charitable tax receipts when the money is disbursed. Providing us with this information (which will be kept strictly confidential and secure on a thumb drive in a locked safe) will keep open that possibility and, if you consent, will allow us to keep you updated throughout the sponsorship process. Of course, if you are not interested in the possibility of a tax receipt, we would be happy to receive your donation without that information.

Announcement – September 4, 2015: 

We’re going to privately sponsor a refugee family. Will you?

Goldblatt Partners is announcing today its commitment to privately sponsor a Syrian refugee family and challenges other firms and organizations to do the same.

Beginning immediately, the firm will spearhead a fundraising campaign reaching out to co-workers and colleagues. The firm’s partnership has committed to matching all donations made by associates, staff and community members, dollar for dollar, until the goal of $30,000 is reached.

The firm is committing to support the resettlement needs of a refugee family, including food, lodging and other start-up costs.

Senior constitutional lawyer, Marlys Edwardh C.M. said:

“Goldblatt Partners LLP is responding to the ethical, moral and legal imperative felt by Canadians to take action in respect of the greatest refugee crisis since WWII. Private sponsorship is one way for law firms and other businesses to respond to this crisis in a meaningful way.”

Associates Louis Century added:

“Through this commitment, we hope that others, including law firms, legal professional associations, law schools and alumni networks will follow suit.”

The firm will work with Lifeline Syria, a group seeking to recreate the incredible success of Canada’s resettlement of Indochinese “boat people” in 1979-80, when 60,000 refugees were resettled in two years. Lifeline Syria is working tirelessly to partner willing private sponsors with existing sponsorship agencies.

Our managing partner, Steven Barrett, says:

“We believe that we have a responsibility, as members of the legal profession and as Canadians, to contribute to Canada’s response to this unprecedented crisis. This is a humanitarian issue. It is incumbent upon the legal profession to take a leadership role. By acting as private sponsors and coming together to fund raise and assist with the resettlement process, law firms can be a part of the solution.”

We will use our legal experience to develop a “how-to” guide for other law firms, legal professional associations, law schools and alumni networks to explain the process of private sponsorship, and explore how they might be able to act as private sponsors.

Please check back here regularly for more information. We will be providing updates about our fundraising process and sponsorship application, as well as information about fundraising events hosted by the firm.

The Globe and Mail spoke to us about our plans.