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Goldblatt Partners named one of Canada’s top 5 Union-side Labour and Employment Boutiques

January 09, 2018

Canadian Lawyer magazine has named the top 10 labour and employment boutiques in Canada, including the top 5 union-side boutiques.  Goldblatt Partners is one of the top 5, and Howard Goldblatt spoke to Canadian Lawyer about the changing workplace.

There are a lot of changes in the labour and employment law market these days — both already happened and on the horizon — but Howard Goldblatt of Goldblatt Partners LLP, which made our new Top 5 Union-side Labour and Employment Boutiques list, says that’s par for the course.

“It’s very viable. There are new issues arising all the time — it keeps it interesting.”

Goldblatt says another area that’s on the rise is harassment, discrimination and conflict generally within the workplace.

“Regrettably, there seems to be a number of cases that have to deal with that. It’s a good thing in a sense that there’s a much more knowledgeable workforce and people are much more prepared to come forward. One wonders with respect to what’s going on in Hollywood and politics in terms of sexual harassment and sexual assaults — whether that might give rise to a number of issues amongst our clients. We don’t know, we’ll wait to see how that plays itself out.”

Other significant changes in the workplace identified in the article are employment standards enforcement, card-based certification, technological change, and the legalization of marijuana.

Lexpert describes GP as follows:

Goldblatt Partners has represented trade unions and professional associations in all aspects of labour and employment law for over 40 years. From a 4-lawyer office in the mid-1970s, the firm has grown to 50 lawyers in Toronto and Ottawa. It serves a broad client base of trade unions, including labourers, education and hospital employees, university faculty and municipal employees, as well as lawyers, physicians and judges. The firm has represented the Canadian Labour Congress in numerous Supreme Court of Canada freedom of association and equality rights cases and has also worked with international organizations seeking to protect workers’ rights. It has civil litigation and criminal law practices, which often intersect with the labour law practice. Other public interest cases include unpaid overtime class actions against Canadian banks and other employers and minimum wage class actions on behalf of junior hockey players.

“Excellent advocacy, good results for clients, commitment to equality and diversity”

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