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Conservatives denying some Canadians the vote, group says in legal challenge

October 09, 2014

Steven Shrybman talked to the Globe and Mail about the Charter challenge to the Harper Government’s new election laws.

The Council of Canadians, the Canadian Federation of Students and three individual electors have brought the challenge, alleging that the amendments passed pursuant to the so-called Fair Elections Act will suppress the votes of certain Canadians and make it more difficult for some to obtain a ballot on election day.

“We believe [the bill] will disproportionately impact disadvantaged groups,” lawyer Steven Shrybman, who will argue the case, told a news conference Thursday.

“We want to prevent the provisions from going into effect, because the results of that will be to actually prevent people from voting in the next federal election. That’s a very serious problem and one we want to avert,” Mr. Shrybman added.

Steven told the Globe that he hopes the case will reach court this year and that he will “have a decision from the court long in advance of the next election” if it proceeds as scheduled.


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