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City of Toronto, activists partially settle court fight over homeless shelters

May 19, 2020

The Globe and Mail speaks to Jessica Orkin about the interim settlement

The Globe and Mail is reporting on the interim settlement between the City of Toronto and a coalition of advocacy organizations that commenced a legal action to force the City to take immediate steps to, among other things, implement physical distancing protocols in its shelter system.

The Globe spoke to Jessica Orkin about the interim settlement:

Jessica Orkin, a lawyer for the advocacy groups with Toronto law firm Goldblatt Partners, said Tuesday’s deal will require the city to provide much more information about its efforts, including occupancy data for each site and detailed reports to her clients that she said would be made public.

“We have achieved a measure of the kind of clarity and accountability that we were looking for, in terms of the city being required to report on its progress,” Ms. Orkin said.

Read the entire article here.  (The article is behind a paywall, but can be accessed for free if you create an account)


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