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Canadian soldier who reported workplace sexual misconduct facing loss of military career

November 15, 2017

Emma Phillips appeared on CBC’s The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti this morning.

Tremonti interviews Sgt. Vicky-Lynn Cox, a member of the Canadian Armed Forces who reported being sexually harassed and assaulted, and subsequently developed post-traumatic stress disorder. Sgt. Cox has been told she will be medically discharged from the military in May.  Tremonti  then interviews Rear-Admiral Jennifer Bennett, who talks about efforts the military has made to address problems of sexual harassment and assault.

Finally, Tremonti talks to Madame Justice Deschamps and Emma Phillips. Emma was counsel to the External Review on Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harassment in the Armed Forces, chaired by Justice Deschamps. They discuss the progress the military has made, the problems that still exist, and the need for continued independent oversight.

Listen to the entire interview here. The interview with Emma and Justice Deschamps begins at the 30 minute mark.


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