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Bill 32: Jason Kenney’s attack on working people and their unions

July 15, 2020

Josh Mandryk talks about the draconian provisions in Bill 32

Josh Mandryk spoke to Emily Leedham of Rank and File Radio about Alberta’s Bill 32 – the Orwellian “Restoring Balance in Alberta Workplaces Act.

Far from balance, the bill contains one-sided measures that will hurt working people and the labour movement.

Josh discusses the legislation’s attack on the Rand formula, and why the distinction between collective bargaining issues and political activity is a total fiction. He also discusses how the legislation will: undermine the constitutional right to picket; allow an employer to impose overtime averaging on workers; allow employers to withhold outstanding wages for 31 days after employment is terminated; and construction industry amendments that will benefit CLAC and undermine building trades unions.

Listen here:

Rank & File Radio – Prairie Edition · Bill 32: Jason Kenney’s Attack on the Rand Formula & More | Joshua Mandryk


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