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Kim’s Additional Publications

Kim Stanton

October 09, 2017

Kim’s additional publications relating to Indigenous rights and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission are:

Kim Stanton, “Reconciling Reconciliation: Differing Conceptions of the Supreme Court of Canada and the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission” Journal of Law and Social Policy 26:2 (2017) 21-42


Kim Stanton, “Intransigent Injustice: Truth, Reconciliation and the Missing Women Inquiry in Canada,” (2013) 1:2 Transitional Justice Review, Art. 4


Kim Stanton, “Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry” (2012) 27:1 Canadian Journal of Law and Society 81-99


Kim Stanton, “The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Settling the Past?” (2011) 2:3 International Indigenous Policy Journal Article 2; reprinted in Vincent Kazmierski et al, Introduction to Legal Studies (Captus Press, 5th ed., 2015)


Kim Stanton