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Webinar – COVID Update 2021


In this webinar, we provided a COVID update and addressed some new COVID-related legal issues.

Dan Sheppard started the webinar with a discussion of the new emergency orders in effect in Ontario, and what they mean for employees and employers.

Colleen Bauman then considered the question of whether employers will be able to require employees to take the COVID vaccine, and the approach arbitrators may take in assessing COVID vaccination policies. Colleen also has a blog post on this issue here.

Kirsten Mercer discussed some of the guidance and resources that human rights commissions have provided with respect to potential COVID-19 human rights issues. She also reviewed some of the early cases that have started to make their way to human rights tribunals.

Last, but not least, Simon Archer discussed the tax deductions that employees who have been working from home during the pandemic may be able to claim. We also have a blog post on this issue here.

The PowerPoint slides used in the webinar are here.