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Lose Your Job Because of COVID-19? What are your rights?


Worried you could lose your job as a result of COVID-19. You are not alone. Millions of Canadians have lost their jobs in recent weeks and other jobs may soon be on the line.

The legal protections available to workers are complex, and have only become more so with numerous legislative changes in recent days and weeks. It is dizzying enough for lawyers to keep up, let alone non-lawyers facing the combined anxieties of job loss and a global pandemic.

We have prepared a Q&A document for workers, both those recognized as employees and those or considered to be contractors in today’s gig economy.

Our goal is to provide you with simplified, accessible, legal information concerning job loss, loss of income, or an inability to work as a result of COVID-19. We address a variety of situations that workers are facing, and highlight the benefits and protections that may be available to you. We will continue to update this document as the legal landscape evolves.

Please note that this document contains summary and general legal information, not advice. If you lose your job and need legal advice, we encourage you to speak with an employment lawyer (contact information is in the Q&A document).

The information in the Q&A is primarily directed to workers who do not have the protection of a union. If you are unionized, we encourage you to contact your union for representation and support!

You can read the Q&A document here.