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Webinar – Reopening Ontario: Issues for Workers and Unions


This webinar on reopening Ontario workplaces is one of a series of Zoom webinars we are holding on employment law issues associated with COVID-19.

In this webinar, Dan Sheppard updated the status of the various emergency orders made by the Ontario government that continue to impact workplaces and employees.

Then a panel of lawyers, facilitated by Kelly Doctor, joined Dan to discuss issues that unions and employees will need to think about as certain businesses are permitted to reopen, and as more and more employees return to the workplace. Simran Prihar, Jean-Michel Corbeil, Kiran Kang, Darryl Korell, Dan and Kelly addressed a variety of questions and issues, including safety measures that can be taken to ensure everyone’s safety in the workplace; accommodation for parents and caregivers; privacy issues, and personal protective equipment.

The powerpoint presentation used in the webinar is here.

Zoom image of lawyers during the webinar