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Category: Workers’ Compensation

Can I receive workers’ compensation if I am injured while working from home?

With the rise of remote work or hybrid work, these types of questions have become all the more common. Gabriel Hoogers and former articling student Erin Sobat review the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal’s approach to injuries sustained while working from home.

September 7, 2022
Gabriel Hoogers

Did expanded WSIA coverage for mental stress claims help workers?

In 2014, the Ontario government amended workers’ compensation legislation to make it easier for workers to make claims and be compensated for “mental stress”, i.e. mental illness caused by the workplace. In this post, Christine Davies and Gabriel Hoogers explain how this change has played out in practice and question whether workers really have access to meaningful remedies for mental stress.

October 20, 2021
Christine Davies Gabriel Hoogers

Can you sue your employer for workplace injuries and illnesses?

Many workers want to sue their employers in court when they become injured or ill at work, but the rules of Ontario’s worker’s compensation scheme mean most won’t get that opportunity. Christine Davies, Gabriel Hoogers, and Simone Truemner-Caron explain why.

June 16, 2021
Christine Davies Gabriel Hoogers