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Month: June 2020

Returning from pregnancy or parental leave during COVID-19?

UPDATED: Daycares are starting to reopen, but that does not necessarily mean you will be in a position to return to work from a pregnancy or parental leave. Sarah Rostom outlines the job-protected leaves available to employees who cannot return to work from pregnancy or parental leave due to COVID-19.

June 29, 2020

What are my options for taking time off work?

Natai Shelsen and Kelly Doctor tell you what you need to know about taking a leave from work for reasons related to COVID-19.

June 19, 2020
Kelly Doctor Natai Shelsen

Webinar – Reopening Ontario: Issues for Workers and Unions

This webinar examined the issues unions and employees should be thinking about as Ontario workplaces gradually reopen.

June 17, 2020
Jean-Michel Corbeil Kelly Doctor Kiran Kang Simran Prihar Daniel Sheppard

Emergency orders under the Quarantine Act: What everyone should know

The Quarantine Act sets out rules related to preventing the spread of communicable diseases, including measures that occur at Canada’s borders and other points of entry. Here is what you need to know. [Updated to June 15, 2020]

June 16, 2020

What does reopening Ontario mean for parents and caregivers?

First daycares, then summer day camps, and now “social circles”. As the province eases physical distancing restrictions, what do these changes mean for parents and caregivers? Kelly Doctor looks at what could happen to their workplace accommodations or emergency leaves.

June 15, 2020
Kelly Doctor

Understanding Ontario’s new Infectious Disease Emergency Leave regulation

If you were laid off due to COVID-19, you may now be on “Infectious Disease Emergency Leave.” Daniel Sheppard explains what this new emergency leave regulation means for you.

June 9, 2020
Daniel Sheppard

Ten paid sick days : It’s about public health, too

The prime minister recently announced he would work with the provinces to make sure all workers had access to ten paid sick days. In this post, we discuss why paid sick leave is about much more than just being able to pay your bills.

June 2, 2020