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Natai Shelsen

Natai Shelsen



As a mediator and a litigator, Natai Shelsen wants to help you resolve your dispute.

Organized, hard-working, bright and creative, Natai is up to mediating any conflict. As a natural problem solver with a certificate in mediation from Harvard Law School and a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, she believes that mediation is a powerful tool for generating interest-based, enduring resolutions to the most difficult disputes. She will design a mediation process that is tailored to each case, and is committed to finding optimal and efficient solutions for parties. And, as a fluently bilingual lawyer who is also a member of the Quebec Bar, she can do all of this in English or en français.

Natai’s litigation practice is as diverse and complex as her clients. Her work with indigenous clients, business owners, employees who have been wrongfully terminated, lawyers accused of negligence (as preferred counsel for LawPRO) and individuals in personal conflicts keeps her sharp and engaged.

Regardless of the size or subject-matter of your file, Natai will give you her full attention. Whether she’s coordinating a $200-million lawsuit, on her feet in a two-month trial, representing clients’ rights at environmental public hearings, crafting creative legal arguments for an appeal or negotiating settlements, you will find in Natai an ardent defender of your rights and interests. With her “always be more prepared” motto, genuine commitment to her client’s interests, collaborative approach and easy smile, she inspires the confidence of clients and the respect of colleagues alike.

When she’s not hard at work, you might find Natai singing lead in her rock band, writing her first novel, or travelling the world with her husband. We’re not sure how she finds the time to do all of this, but we are certainly impressed by her boundless energy!


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