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Photo of books / Photo de livres.Our lawyers have written and published extensively in their areas of expertise, including the leading labour law texts Ontario Labour Relations Board Law and Practice , Trade Union Law in Canada and Contract Clauses.

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Human Rights Issues and Employee Benefit Plans

January 01, 2004

Fiona Campbell discusses the impact of the Charter and human rights legislation on employee benefit plans.

Dunmore v. Ontario (Attorney General): Freedom of Association at the Crossroads

January 01, 2004

Steven Barrett looks at the implications of Dunmore v. Ontario (Attorney General).

Freedom of Association and Mandatory Features of Teacher Collective Bargaining Legislation

November 21, 2003

Ethan Poskanzer discusses the effect of the Charter on mandatory features of collective bargaining in the education sector.

The Union War on Water Privatization – Steven Shrybman Responds to the National Post

November 02, 2001

In this National Post editorial, Steven Shrybman responds to the paper’s claim that his opinion letters read like Steven King novels.

The Impact of International Trade Disciplines on the Proposal for a Public Private Partnership in Water Filtration

July 17, 2001

Steven Shrybman examines the potential impact of international trade disciplines on a proposal to have a P3 operate a water filtration plant.

The Impact of GATS on Public Sector Libraries

May 01, 2001

This opinion considers the impact of GATS on public sector libraries in Canada.