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Photo of books / Photo de livres.Our lawyers have written and published extensively in their areas of expertise, including the leading labour law texts Ontario Labour Relations Board Law and Practice , Trade Union Law in Canada and Contract Clauses.

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“Maybe Tomorrow I’ll Turn Capitalist”: Cuentapropismo in a Workers’ State

June 24, 2007

Emma Phillips examines the Cuban government's regulation of self-employment and how the self-employed - cuentapropistas - see themselves.

Critical Review of the “Green Cross” Proposal for a Global Framework Convention on the Right to Water

April 03, 2005

Steven Shrybman critically assess a proposal to establish a Global Framework Convention on the Right to Water.

Trade Union Law in Canada

January 01, 2005

This text, co-authored by Peter Engelmann, is a comprehensive examination of the law pertaining to internal union affairs.

Establishing a National System of Early Learning and Child Care in Light of Canada’s Obligations Under NAFTA and the WTO

November 01, 2004

Steven Shrybman assesses the government's plan to establish a national child care program in light of Canada's international trade obligations.

Judicial Independence and the Standard of Simple Rationality

October 15, 2004

This article describes the constitutional process by which judges’ salaries are determined and reviewed.

Public Auto Insurance and Trade Treaties

June 01, 2004

Steven Shrybman considers the impact of NAFTA on the establishment of a public automobile insurance system.