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Photo of books / Photo de livres.Our lawyers have written and published extensively in their areas of expertise, including the leading labour law texts Ontario Labour Relations Board Law and Practice , Trade Union Law in Canada and Contract Clauses.

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CETA and the development of the Alberta Oil Sands

November 04, 2010

Steven Shrybman discusses the potential impact of CETA on the Alberta oil sands.

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

May 26, 2010

Steven Shrybman explains the potential impacts of CETA on municipal government authority.

How P3s Could Make Local Governments Vulnerable to CUPA

January 01, 2010

In this opinion, Steven Shrybman considers the use of P3s and the Canada-United States Procurement Agreement.

Ontario Labour Relations Board Law and Practice, 3rd edition

January 01, 2010

This text is a must-have for anyone who appears before the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

The International Criminal Court and “Internationally Recognized Human Rights”: Understanding Article 21(3) of the Rome Statute

January 01, 2010

Daniel Sheppard discusses the operation of international human rights law.

Dollarization, Distortion, and the Transformation of Work

April 25, 2008

Emma Phillips looks at Cuba's new labour context and assesses the choices facing workers in this time of great social change.