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Photo of books / Photo de livres.Our lawyers have written and published extensively in their areas of expertise, including the leading labour law texts Ontario Labour Relations Board Law and Practice , Trade Union Law in Canada and Contract Clauses.

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Unchartered waters: bad faith bargaining or responsible government?

June 27, 2012

Steven Barrett explains what is necessary to establish a right to collective bargaining under the Charter.

Right-to-work would be wrong for Ontario

May 29, 2012

Joshua Mandryk examines whether the claims surrounding the supposed benefits of "right-to-work" legislation hold up to any scrutiny.

Opinion on Canada’s reservations under CETA

March 15, 2012

Steven Shrybman assesses Canada’s proposed reservations in regard to the services and investment rules of the CETA.

What Fraser Means for Labour Rights in Canada

January 01, 2012

Steven Barrett and Ethan Poskanzer discuss litigating labour rights in the courts.

The Supreme Court of Canada’s Decision in Fraser: Stepping Forward, Backwards or Sideways?

January 01, 2012

Steven Barrett addresses the implications of Ontario (Attorney General) v. Fraser.

Trade Rules Increase Risk of Hydro Privatization

December 01, 2010

In this opinion, Steven Shrybman discusses how Canada’s international trade obligations impose significant constraints on Ontario’s electricity sector.