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Bill C-4’s Impact on Federal Public Sector Unions

November 11, 2013

This review examines the impact Bill C-4 will have on federal public sector trade unions and the employees they represent.

Ontario PC labour reforms violate core democratic principles

June 10, 2013

Josh Mandryk explains how Conservative labour reforms attack the democratic principles that lie at the heart of our modern system of labour relations.

Is an Employer’s Request for Employee Medical Information an Invasion of Privacy?

June 01, 2013

Emma Phillips discusses how arbitrators have applied the tort of invasion of privacy.

Analysis of the draft Respecting Collective Bargaining Act (Public Sector), 2012

October 05, 2012

The Respecting Collective Bargaining Act (Public Sector), 2012 is a wholesale hijacking by Government of collective bargaining in the broader public sector.

Freedom of association requires authentic collective bargaining

July 09, 2012

Steven Barrett discusses an Ontario Court of Appeal decision addressing the exclusion from RCMP members from collective bargaining.

Religious Accommodation in the Workplace: A Union Perspective

July 01, 2012

Steven Barrett explores an employer’s duty to provide paid leave for minority religious holidays.