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Photo of books / Photo de livres.Our lawyers have written and published extensively in their areas of expertise, including the leading labour law texts Ontario Labour Relations Board Law and Practice , Trade Union Law in Canada and Contract Clauses.

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Injunctions as an Interim Remedy in Labour Disputes: The Canadian Pacific Case

January 01, 1997

Howard Goldblatt discusses the courts' authority to grant interim relief in labour proceedings.

Modifying Employee Retirement Benefits: The Lessons of Dayco From a Union Perspective

January 01, 1995

Ethan Poskanzer discusses the implications of Dayco (Canada) Ltd. on negotiating pension benefits.

Discharge and Discipline II

January 01, 1994

This follow-up to Discharge and Discipline reviews additional arbitration awards dealing with discharge and discipline

Discharge and Discipline

January 01, 1989

This text reviews arbitration awards dealing with discharge and discipline.

Labour Law Terms: A Dictionary of Canadian Labour Law

January 01, 1984

This dictionary sets out all the labour law terms you need to know.