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Photo of three lawyers celebrating a victory / Photo des avocats.Every case is important to us, whether it is an appeal involving ground-breaking legal principles to be argued before the Supreme Court of Canada, an application brought by an individual before an administrative tribunal, or a contract or settlement negotiation. No matter what the issue or the forum, we go to bat for our clients and we get results.

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Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario – PO 3304

February 07, 2014

Premier's Office failed to conduct a reasonable search for records relating to the cancellation of contracts to build gas plants in two Ontario cities.

Canada (Attorney General) v. Bedford (Supreme Court of Canada)

December 20, 2013

Supreme Court of Canada strikes down Canada's prostitution laws.

Wood v. Schaeffer

December 19, 2013

Supreme Court of Canada holds that police officers must prepare accurate, detailed, and comprehensive notes as soon as practicable after an investigation.

CAPE v. Library of Parliament

October 08, 2013

Federal Court of Appeal dismisses employer's judicial review - upholds PSLRB's decision that the employer breached the statutory freeze

Josef v. Ontario (Minister of Health)

September 27, 2013

Ontario Superior Court of Justice orders Ontario government to pay legal costs of a Charter challenge rendered moot by the government's change in policy.

Detlor v. Brantford (City)

September 13, 2013

Court of Appeal strikes out bylaw provisions that breached the appellants' freedom to peacefully protest land claims issues.