Our Notable Cases

Photo of three lawyers celebrating a victory / Photo des avocats.Every case is important to us, whether it is an appeal involving ground-breaking legal principles to be argued before the Supreme Court of Canada, an application brought by an individual before an administrative tribunal, or a contract or settlement negotiation. No matter what the issue or the forum, we go to bat for our clients and we get results.

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Maurer v. McMaster University

May 31, 1995

Ontario Court of Appeal holds employer did not have a right to unilaterally amend employees’ pension plan.

Egan v. Canada

May 25, 1995

The Supreme Court of Canada holds that sexual orientation is an analogous ground of discrimination under the equality rights provision of the Charter.

Central Okanagan School District No. 23 v. Renaud

September 24, 1994

Supreme Court of Canada considers a union’s role in the duty to accommodate under human rights legislation.

Canada ( Attorney General ) v. Thwaites

March 25, 1994

Peter Engelmann helped convince the CHRC and the Federal Court that the Armed Forces has a duty to accommodate persons who are HIV positive.

Lavigne v. OPSEU

June 27, 1991

Supreme Court of Canada holds that the mandatory check off of union dues does not violate the Charter.

CUPE 2424 v. Carleton University

June 10, 1988

In this very early case, CUPE argued that the definition of spouse in a collective agreement must include same-sex couples.